In MEMORIES, there is a journey to the creator’s childhood in Africa.
Among the neutral tones, we are surprised by notes and color contrasts.
Like the flowery spots that lit up the dense vegetation.

Flavors and aromas give name to the color palette: the scent of cinnamon and the cream color of vanilla from ice creams sold on the street.
The intense yellow that anticipated the sweetness of the taste of a freshly picked mango.
The ruffles in Broderie Anglaise that involved the lightness of afternoons playing in the sun take on new forms.

The traditional embroidery is reinterpreted in the digital line that immortalizes the landscape of Malembo Bay.

MEMORIES materializes the reminiscence of a childhood lived at its fullness. Brush strokes inspired by the memories of a child’s gaze in the constant discovery of the beautiful, the vibrant and the new.