Inspired by nature, GreenKiss was born from the dream of, more than a brand, creating a lifestyle.

We idealize pieces with soul, in a journey between senses and emotions.

We combined elegance with comfort and versatility. In each piece there’s the duality of fullness in itself and the transversality of the entire collection. We place in each one a care for nature and respect for raw materials through a commitment to ethical and sustainable production.

We believe in fashion as a second skin, the visual expression of who we are and what we’re made of.

We go beyond clothes. We are music, art and literature. We are days at home, meetings with friends, family Sundays, hard work and sand on the feet. We elevate the versatility of the pieces that combine with each other and adapt to different times of the day.

We move by the inner balance, by the time to breathe and feel, by the calmness of enjoying each moment.

More than a brand, GreenKiss is a way of life.

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EM 501,KM 4 São Teotónio, Odemira, 7630-658 Beja, Portugal

Sitio dos Caliços, Moncarapacho, 8700-069 Faro,Portugal
Rua jogo da bola 41, 8600-712 Lagos , Portugal
Rua Senhora da Rosa, 3, 9500-450 Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal
R. Principal nº78, Moimento 2495-650 Fátima, Portugal



R. De São Lázaro, nº24 4700-327 Braga, Portugal


R.Mouzinho da Silveira 14, 4050-414 Porto, Portugal
R. Dos Caldeireiros 108, 4050-137 Porto, Portugal
GLOBE - Shopping Cidade do Porto
R. De Gonçalo Sampaio 350, loja 236, 4150-365, Porto, Portugal


Praça Luís de Camões nº83, 4480-719 Vila do Conde, Portugal


R. Central nº 2243, 4535-031, Lourosa, Aveiro, Portugal


Largo General Humberto Delgado, nº5, 3500-139,Viseu, Portugal