As a celebration of nature’s spender, we introduce you “Fruit Garden”. 

Where lemons and oranges flourish under the golden rays of the sun. A resortwear collection with a timeless allure of citrus groove. 

From the warm yellows of ripe lemons to the lively oranges of citrus groves, every shade resonates with the energy of a summer day.

Step into a world where the intoxicant scent of citrus blossoms mingles with the crisp breeze.

Each piece is a wearable work of art. Handmade designed prints, embodying the delicate balance between artistry and nature. A testament to the skilled Portuguese artists hands that bring the beauty of a fruit garden to life.

Cocktails by the pool, strolling along the beach, enjoying a leisure brunch…

From exotic getaways to everyday adventures, versatility is our greatest goal. You bring the essence of a sunlit fruit garden wherever you go. 

Celebrate our story with us!